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John Doyle of Irby Maths
John Doyle of Irby Maths

I am John Doyle and I live in Irby, Wirral, UK. I taught Mathematics up to A-level for over 30 years in secondary schools. In earlier years, I also taught some Physics, I.T. and Chemistry. I’ve now retired from teaching and enjoy spending my free time time pottering about my shed, tinkering with electronics and developing websites. 

I’ve used several word processors over the years to create documents containing mathematical expressions. Early resources were written with TechWriter on an Acorn A3000. Most of my teaching resources were written using Lotus Word Pro on Windows computers. I found Word Pro much easier to use for mathematical documents than Microsoft Word. Sadly, Word Pro is not compatible with Windows 10.

I still use my Maths resources for home tuition and so I’ve decided to revisit my files and reformat them in Word to take account of changes in syllabi for the 9 to 1 Mathematics GCSE-level and A-level examinations. 

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