Hello. I’m John Doyle. Welcome to Irby Maths!

This website describes some of the mathematics resources I devised during my teaching career. I’ve rewritten them to take account of changes to GCSE and A-level syllabi. Some titles just contain questions for revision (answers included). Other resources are more extensive and contain notes, examples and questions ranging from beginner to GCSE standard. 

Pupils, parents, teachers and home tutors can download these pdf resources from my Irby Maths Shop. Alternatively, these resources are also available from my Irby Maths TES Shop on a website run by The Times Educational SupplementSome are FREE to download whilst others can be downloaded for a small fee. 

Two examples of my resources are shown below:

Download "Simplifications" for FREE. This pdf worksheet has 36 questions up to GCSE standard with separate answers.
Download "Trigonometry" for £3.00. This pdf resource of 20 pages contains a detailed introduction with worked examples. Three exercises totalling over 60 questions with separate answers are included.

I’ve given more information about these resources on pages with the headings NumberAlgebraGeometry and Statistics.  Further titles will be added to this website as time allows.

I hope you find these resources useful!

Why not try the FREE worksheet “Simplifications” right now? Just click on the link, follow the instructions and “Simplifications” will be delivered to your inbox in seconds.

Latest Additions to Irby Maths Shop:

GCSE Maths Revision Exercises - 9 revision exercises on miscellaneous topics
Download "Nine GCSE Maths Revision Exercises" for £3.00
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Download "Graphs of Linear Equations" for £3.00
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